For Sale: 307 Proston Abbeywood Road


Address : 307 Proston Abbeywood Road

Suburb : Stalworth

State : Qld

Postal Code : 4613

Mango Delight!
There are a lot of people who dream of simple living, they are over the burnout of high pressure jobs and the fast paced lifestyle. Thanks to Covid many people are getting back to the things that mean the most to them such as spending time with their families, meaningful connections, home cooking, growing their own veggies. Not only this but many people are making the shift and moving to the country to have space for the kids, have some farm animals and live a more off the grid life!


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Property Features

Farm Features
Category : Horticulture

Boundary and internal fencing in good condition
machinery shed, packing shed, lock up 2 car garage
This property has solar hot water, mains power as well as 2.8kw solar power, mobile phone service, school bus, mail service. Proston has a hotel, convenience store (SPAR), café, post office, hardware, police station, ambulance and voluntary fire briga

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