Who are we and why?

After the successful launch of Horseproperty.com.au in December 2013, which has now achieved the status of largest horse property web site in the Southern Hemisphere - we’re excited to release our partner site Farmproperty.com.au. This new site will now enable agents and owners to promote farm properties to Australia and the World.

Our farmproperty.com.au development team is led by professional agent Greg Young and with over 33 years’ experience in the real estate industry. Greg has provided insights to ensure Farmproperty.com.au appeals to both agents and purchasers and is easy and simple to use. Farmproperty.com.au offers agents and owners valuable features that no other real estate portal in Australia can provide. Our aim is to achieve even greater penetration in the local rural and international market so farm property buyers can be sourced and properties sold. Your success is our success.

Farm Property Specialist

For those agents who have a particular interest and experience in the marketing and selling of rural properties, there’s also the opportunity to join a professional network of agents around Australia by promoting themselves in their current real estate office and respective trade area as a Farm Property Specialist. The aim of this is to help attract more farm listings and buyers to their respective businesses. For further information contact Greg at Farmproperty.com.au.

farm property specialistSmlFarm Property - How It Works

 To list a farm on our site you can choose from three types of listings – Standard, Feature and Premium.

 • Currently our standard listings are Free through your agent and $135 for a sale by owner.

 • A Feature listing through your agent is $129 and $229 for a sale by owner.

 • A Premium listing through your agent is $235 and $335 for a sale by owner.


Featured and Premium

Marketing Packages

Farmproperty.com.au is the only real estate portal in Australia that has a digital marketing team dedicated to the online promotion of all upgraded listings such as Featured and Premium listings. A proportion of each listing fee is invested into a social media marketing package or an advanced marketing package with the sole aim of increasing the market penetration resulting in higher number of enquiries.

Invest in a Premium or Featured listing and we will give something back to you in the way of a social media marketing package or an advanced marketing package. 

Marketing Channels 

• Google Adwords 

• Interactive Tower Ad (for your properties region and state) 

• Facebook Marketing 

• Twitter Marketing 

• Pinterest Marketing  

• Google+ Marketing

Farmproperty Advance Online Marketing

For more listing details please visit the sell page here

Past experience has shown us you can achieve far great reach to your target market by participating in this type of campaign, reaching millions of people and increasing the enquires you will receive from your listing. In fact it can be thirty times more successful than a standard listing.

This unique service is one that no other real estate portal in Australia offers.

Farmproperty.com.au – The NEW address for Australian farm properties.

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