Queensland dairy farmers say they are being ripped off by the big supermarkets, and consumers should stand up for their local producers.

The issue even spreads to other states such as Victoria where Gippsland farmer and reality TV star Adam Nelson was forced to shut down his beloved dairy farm as the Aussie milk crisis deepens.

He has pleaded for other farmers to seek help as the ­collapse of the industry takes an emotional toll.


After the story of this crisis aired on various news channels around the country, shoppers have already started supporting their local struggling dairy farmers. Supermarkets are now selling out of local dairy milk while the cheap milk that is damaging this industry are left untouched on shelves. 

Local milk-Sales


Shoppers who want to help struggling dairy farmers will soon be able to do their part by reconsidering cheap milk over local milk. Coles is reportedly launching a range of milk that costs twenty cents extra a litre, with all the profits going directly to where they're needed most.