Tomorrow (10/07/2016) could be the coldest day in 30 years for parts of South Australia as an intense front drives in strong, icy winds.

Temperatures are to plunge to four-or-five degrees below the mid-winter average.


Most of Tuesday will be spent in temperatures below 10 degrees with strong winds to make it feel as much as five degrees colder. These winds should be cold enough for showers to possibly contain small hail and for snow to fall on the Flinders Ranges and possibly on Mount Lofty.

This coming cold outbreak is showing similarities to ones in the winters of 2006, 2005, 1998 and 1984.


Places with the most potential to experience this cold front include the Adelaide and Mount Gambier areas. The combination of strong wind and showers brings a significant risk with trees and power lines. 


Wind has potential to gust to 90-100km/hr, stronger on the exposed coasts and islands during today and tomorrow.

Come Wednesday, wind and showers will ease as the offending cold front and intense low cross into the Tasman Sea. But the cold will not end here. A high pressure system will push clearer skies, lighter winds, creating frosty cold mornings through to the weekend.