Working dogs will now be more protected from snake bites such as the brown snakes and tiger snakes with the development of new antivenom.

More efficient antivenom has been developed by the CSIRO, in conjunction with Dr Andrew Padula of Padula Serums, a small biotech company in regional Victoria. The antivenom has been created to treat eastern brown and tiger snake bites.


Prof George Lovrecz from the CSIRO said the new process is much more effective than those available and currently on the market because it is distilled and concentrated to create pure, fully-tested antivenom which is ready to be injected into snake-bitten dogs.


Dr Padula said that working with CSIRO helped turn his idea into a reality. Once final testing has been completed and the antivenom has been given the green light for sale from the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority, it will be available on the market and stocked by vets around the country.


The new treatment could also have implications for treating humans with snakebites and paralysing ticks.